The “Aha!” Moment and The Mission

I’ve been fortunate to get some products in the marketplace but the learning curve has been steep with a lot of trial and error. That’s because I had to figure out everything for myself.

But there came a time when “light bulbs went off” and I cracked the invention code. It was then that I decided to take on the mission of sharing what I had learned in order to improve the odds of success for any creative person who wanted to go down this path. The reality is that there are few resources out there to educate inventors. There are plenty of patent professionals, designers, engineers and the like, and while each can help with one piece of a product’s puzzle, they can not be responsible for your project, your success, or whether what they did is what you really needed at that time. As mentor, my interest is to help you make sense out of the process, to lay out potential options and help you clarify your own process so you can make informed choices before you rush out and spend your hard earned money.

Elizabeth Pierotti is an inventor, educator and mentor, author and public speaker. As a multiple patent holder, she has designed and developed product innovations that have collectively generated more than $100 million in sales for Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike. Having “been there and done that” for more than 35 years, she has given workshops and presentations to thousands of entrepreneurs, designers, inventors and students on what it takes to transform ideas into commercially viable products. Through her company, The Inventing Life, Elizabeth has mentored hundreds of first-time inventors and start-ups.

Her comprehensive one-on-one concept validation program earned her the Rhode Island 2008 Innovation Champion award. Through a process customized for each client, individuals get to test the merits of their product ideas and fill in the blanks long before investing time and money in costly development services. She is also author of the guidebook “The Inventing Life”.

Elizabeth Pierotti is a dynamic presenter who connects with and can mentor any creative individual, aspiring innovator, or anyone who wants to turn a product idea into a successful venture.

Every inventor needs a mentor. Need help?

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